Talks List

Below is a list of talks in NORAH’s Talks and Speakers Register. The NORAH Talks List has been arranged by subject and by place. Once you have found a title which is of interest, make a note of the talk reference number and click on the link to complete a Talk Request Form. This will allow NORAH to liaise with you and the speaker in order to finalise the booking. You can find more about the Speakers on the Speakers List.

Titles by Subject
Norfolk and its Coast

Fishing Up the Moon: A Norfolk Longshoreman’s Year, by David Stannard (ref.026) – Request Talk
A seasonal insight into Norfolk’s fast disappearing longshore fishing industry.

The Maritime Heritage of Norfolk, by David Stannard (ref. 025) – Request Talk
An overview of the maritime heritage of one of the most exposed coasts in Britain recalling many disasters and triumphs.

The Norfolk Coast: Where Geology and Archaeology Coincide, by David Stannard (ref. 023) – Request Talk
An illustrated talk of the unique coastal geology of Norfolk and its links to the earliest archaeological discoveries of the British Isles.

Spoyl’d by the Rage of the Sea, by David Stannard (ref. 021) – Request Talk
A brief history of major North Sea storms and how society has responded over the ages to meet the demands of these often devastating events.

Norfolk and the Hundred Years’ War

‘A Real Frontier and a Strong Town for War’: Great Yarmouth and the Hundred Years’ War, by Dr John Alban (ref. 001) – Request Talk

Norfolk and the Defence of the Coasts in the Fourteenth Century, by Dr John Alban (ref. 002) – Request Talk

Norfolk in the Invasion Crisis of 1385-6, by Dr John Alban (ref. 003) – Request Talk

Sir William de Berdewell and the Earl of Arundel’s Naval Campaign of 1388, by Dr John Alban (ref. 004) – Request Talk

The Agincourt Campaign and East Anglia, by Dr John Alban (ref. 005) – Request Talk

The Last Will of Hamon Le Strange, a Norfolk Combatant at Agincourt, by Dr John Alban (ref. 006) – Request Talk

A Danish Knight in Fifteenth-Century Norfolk: Sir Andrew Ogard, by Dr John Alban (ref. 007) – Request Talk

From Ashwellthorpe to Bosworth: a Yorkist Soldier from Norfolk, by Dr John Alban (ref. 008) – Request Talk

Norfolk’s Archival Legacy

Medieval Treasures in Norfolk’s Archives, by Dr John Alban (ref. 009) – Request Talk

Norfolk: the Place. The Archival Element, by Dr John Alban (ref. 010) – Request Talk

A Fifteenth-Century Paston Letter in the Norfolk Record Office, by Dr John Alban (ref. 011) – Request Talk

Sources in the Norfolk Record Office which relate to the History of Norfolk and the Low Countries, by Dr John Alban (ref. 012) – Request Talk

The Pedigree Roll of the Tylney Family, 1694, by Dr John Alban (ref. 013) – Request Talk

The ‘Norfolk Record Office Trilogy’, comprising three lectures, all by Dr John Alban, on:
1. The Gildengate Years (ref. 015) – Request Talk
2. The Archive Centre (ref. 016) – Request Talk
3. Archival Inspirations: the Road to The Archive Centre (ref. 017) – Request Talk

Place Specific Talks

From Ashwellthorpe to Bosworth: a Yorkist Soldier from Norfolk, by Dr John Alban (ref. 008) – Request Talk

Broadland Heritage: Where the Marshes meet the Sea, by David Stannard (ref. 024) – Request Talk
A review of the heritage of Broadland and the unique origin of The Broads.

Eccles St Mary next the Sea: A Round Tower Church of Distinction, by David Stannard (ref. 022) – Request Talk
Showing how historic images, documents and archaeological research can be used to reconstruct the church and explore the fascinating history of its eventual demise.

The Timing of the Destruction  of Eccles juxta Mare, by David Stannard (ref. 020) – Request Talk
Largely based on probate records held by Norfolk Record Office this illustrated talk provides conclusive evidence for the destruction of the church of Eccles St. Mary next the Sea and much of the old village.

‘A Real Frontier and a Strong Town for War’: Great Yarmouth and the Hundred Years’ War, by Dr John Alban (ref. 001) – Request Talk

Wild Horsey, by David Stannard (ref. 027) – Request Talk 
A virtual tour of this windswept parish and its fascinating history.

Lessingham Priory and All Saints Church, by David Stannard (ref. 019) – Request Talk
An illustrated lecture showing how historic documents reveal lost memorials from this ancient church, with probate records held by Norfolk Record Office providing essential links to explain their true meaning.

Norwich: People and Places

The Material Culture of Reformation in Norwich and Beyond, by Victor Morgan (ref. 028) – Request Talk

Norwich’s Two `Portrait Galleries’: Paintings and Monuments (this can be done as a `talk and walk’), by Victor Morgan (ref. 029) – Request Talk

On the Streets in Early-modern Norwich: Dispelling the Myths and Revealing the Realities on Elm Hill, c.1500-1700, by Victor Morgan (ref. 030) – Request Talk

The Pettuses: A Tudor-Stuart Norwich Merchant Family on the Up and on the Out, by Victor Morgan (ref. 031) – Request Talk

A new Type of Parish History? Reading the Meaning of Things c.1400-1600 – the Example of St. Martin-at-Palace Plain, Norwich, by Victor Morgan (ref. 032) – Request Talk

The Guild Feast in Norwich, c.1560-1730, or, How They Ate Their Values – and you may Eat Your Hat, by Victor Morgan (ref. 033) – Request Talk

Processions and Rituals in late Medieval and Early Modern Norwich, by Victor Morgan (ref. 034) – Request Talk

Robert Toppes – Medieval Mercer: Builder and Owner of Dragon Hall, by Richard Matthew (ref. 040) – Request Talk

Dragon Hall – a Thousand Years of History, by Richard Matthew (ref. 041) – Request Talk

The Residents of the Dragon Hall building 1841 to 1911, by Richard Matthew (ref. 042) – Request Talk

The Story of the Norwich Guildhall, by Richard Matthew (ref. 043) – Request Talk

Norfolk: People and Places

Nathaniel Bacon of Stiffkey: the Magistrate & the Man, by Victor Morgan (ref. 035) – Request Talk

Sexual Harassment c.1600: Some Qualitative Evidence from North Norfolk, by Victor Morgan (ref. 036) – Request Talk

Avoiding the Courts – A Lesson for Today? Arbitration, Mediation and Reconciliation in Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century Norfolk, by Victor Morgan (ref. 037) – Request Talk

The Seventeenth Century Pastons of Oxnead and their Treasure House, by Victor Morgan (ref. 038) – Request Talk

A Tale of Two Houses: the Pastons and Oxnead; the Hobarts and Blickling, by Victor Morgan (ref. 039) – Request Talk