Talks Booking Agreement

1. Introduction
  1. This Talks Booking Agreement relates to booking a talk from NORAH’s Talks and Speakers Register. The Requester is the person who completes the Talk Request Form. The Speaker is the person who will deliver the talk.
  2. This agreement is voluntary and is made between the Speaker and the Requester.
2. Booking a Talk
  1. In the first instance, a Requester should complete the Talk Request Form to begin the process for booking a talk. A talk is only confirmed once NORAH has sent a Confirmation Email to both the Requester and the Speaker.
  2. Once a Talk Request Form has been completed, NORAH will liaise between the Requester and the Speaker to confirm details for a talk which it will try to do this within one week of receiving the Talk Request Form.
  3. NORAH will confirm details of the talk in a Confirmation Email which it will try to do within two weeks of receiving the Talk Request Form.
  4. NORAH will send a Reminder Email to both the requester and the speaker two days before the event is due to take place.
  5. A Requester should allow at least fours weeks between completing a Talk Request Form and the first of the proposed dates.
3. Health and Safety
  1.  By completing the Talk Request Form, the Requester agrees the following.
    1. The proposed venue is safe and free from hazards.
    2. The Requester has appropriate indemnity insurance for the proposed venue, or, they have informed the Speaker that they do not and the Speaker has accepted this risk.
  2. If providing their own equipment at a venue, it is the Speaker’s responsibility to ensure all equipment and associated wires are safe and secure and not the responsibility of NORAH.
4. Cancellation
  1. The Requester or the Speaker can cancel a talk at anytime. There is no penalty charge for cancelling a talk.
  2. If either the Requester of the Speaker has to cancel the event, they will attempt to give the other party at least 2 days’ notice.
5. The Event
  1. The Speaker will aim to arrive at the venue indicated on the form at least 30 minutes before the talk is due to start.
  2. The Requester will ensure that the Speaker can enter the proposed venue and prepare equipment, at least 30 minutes before the event is due to start.
  3. During the talk, the Speaker will briefly introduce NORAH and its work. The Speaker will also invite attendees to join NORAH’s mailing list.
  4. By confirming a talk, the Requester agrees to the following.
    1. To deliver a talk as described on the Register of Talks and Speakers at the time and place agreed.
    2. To adhere to any other agreements made between the Speaker and the Requester as detailed in the Confirmation Email.
6. Costs
  1. NORAH and the Speaker do not charge for delivering the talk. However, NORAH does suggest a donation of at least £70 per talk .
  2. The Speaker is able to accept donations on behalf of NORAH at the time of the event. Alternatively, the Requester can make a donation online or by sending a cheque. Further details are given here.