Norfolk Archives Supporter Scheme

Joining the Norfolk Archives Supporter scheme helps to protect and share Norfolk’s archival heritage. Keeping documents, unused, in a box for a few years is fairly straightforward. It is a lot more difficult to keep documents in conditions which will preserve them forever and to ensure they can be used and interpreted easily. The Supporter Scheme, which is run by the Norfolk Archives and Heritage Development Foundation (NORAH), supports the work of the Norfolk Record Office and its partners to make Norfolk’s rich history discoverable.

How Much Does it Cost?

Being a member costs from £25 for an Individual Supporter, or from £40 for Joint Supporters.


As a thank you for joining the scheme, Individual Supporters receive an A4 archive quality box; free admission to a single-day paid event at the Norfolk Record Office; and an invitation to an annual Norfolk Archives Supporter event where you’ll have the opportunity find out about Norfolk’s rich archives. Joint supporters will receive an additional free admission to a single-day paid event at the Norfolk Record Office and an additional invitation to the annual Norfolk Archives Supporter event.

How Do I Join?

Joining is easy. It can be done online, or if you prefer not to pay by card, you can join by giving us a few details online and pay by cheque or by standing order. If you are likely to want to renew membership on an annual basis we recommend joining by Standing Order. Your membership will begin once, we have received payment.

Become a Norfolk Archives Supporter (join online)
Become a Norfolk Archives Supporter (make regular payment by Standing Order)